Preach the Word – March/April 2014

Volume 17, Number 4.


Luther said that the themes of Psalm 119 (Oratio, Meditatio, Tentatio) highlighted the essential features for the making of a theologian. A significant part of theological formation and depth is serious and consistent devotional study of the Bible. Pastors are encouraged to continue a vigorous practice of study as they gain insights that can be applied well to their own lives and the lives of members.

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From Pulpits to Parents: Encouraging Devotional Life

The feature essay in this issue reflects on the need to encourage a more vigorous devotional life among members—and families—of the congregation. Rev. Michael Koepke offers both inspiration and advice about ways to take the word “from pulpits to parents.”

God’s Treasure… From a Clay Jar: Zechariah Texts

A series of seven suggested Lenten texts from the prophet Zechariah. The theme of the series is: “The LORD Has Remembered His Word.” The texts especially highlight unique Holy Week connections found in the prophecies of Zechariah.

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