Preach the Word – May/June 2009

Volume 12, Number 5

Continuing Education for Preachers: Moving Beyond Comfortable Competency

It is a temptation in virtually every profession: Many fail to move beyond competence toward excellence. If ever there was a profession to challenge this paradigm, one would hope it would be the preaching ministry.

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I Don’t Write Out My Sermons (Any More)

Every preacher must do the best he can with the talents God has given him. But my advice to young pastors, for whatever it’s worth is this: Write out your sermons.

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Summer Sermon Series

The church enters the non-festival half of the liturgical year. The lack of major events in the life of Christ leads some preachers, who otherwise follow the lectionary, to preach on a series of free texts united under a theme. Series suggestions: Portraits of the Apostles; The Names of Our God; The Body of Christ; the Liturgy: Our Path to Worship.

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