Preach the Word – November/December 2014

Volume 18, Number 2.

Pastor Tom Westra checks in on preachers–how they’re doing and how they can better prepare themselves for preaching.

How Are You?

Busyness can result in burn-out, strained relationships, and lack of preparation for our preaching. By creating margins in our lives and by prioritizing, we can be more faithful in our calling as preachers of the Word. Above all, we confess our sins and find our rest in Christ.

“I’m good.” (Or do you want the truth?) “I’m busy. Insanely busy. I have not seen the top of my desk in two weeks. (Who am I kidding?) In two years! My inbox runneth over. I haven’t updated the church’s webpage, followed up on last Sunday’s visitors, started a text study or gotten hymns to the organist. Three members are in the hospital and another just went into hospice . . . .

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How can I improve my Preaching? “Be Prepared.”

In good preaching, the preacher must distill the text to one key thought (telic note), relate it to the lives of his listeners, and determine how he will get this point across to his listeners. That takes time and effort.

Last issue I shared some of the responses I received to a survey I sent out to sanctified brothers and sisters who have heard a lot of WELS preaching. My goal with the survey was to learn how I might improve my preaching and then share insights with you. The theme last time was “Be excited to tell me about the love of Jesus.” This month: “Be prepared.”

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