Preach the Word – September/October 2007

Volume 11, Number 1

God Loves You, Maybe

The thrill of the unknown attracts each of us, but the thrill of the unknown does have its limits. Unpredictability and uncertainty can be frustrating. Especially for the soul. Let your final amen be an exclamation point rather than a question mark.

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What Is Focused Law and Gospel?

Preaching with focused law and gospel means we are not satisfied tossing around general statements. Such statements may be true and treasured indeed, but if they don’t serve and support the textual message of that sermon on that day, they are best reserved for another occasion.

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Sample Sermon

Sermon excerpts with comments in a parallel column to highlight focused law and focused gospel.

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What Does This Mean?

Previous issues of Preach the Word have shared a concern about plagiarism with a perspective from the pulpit. Here is our final word on the topic from the perspective of a preacher-turned-publisher whose view from the pew offers fresh insight for preachers.

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Looking Ahead

Consider these law or gospel focuses for the coming Sundays. (Saints Triumphant, Advent 1, Christmas Eve, Christmas 1)

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