Preach the Word – September/October 2009

Volume 13, Number 1

Preaching: It’s Worship, It’s Outreach

This volume of Preach the Word will focus on both aspects of preaching: preaching as part of public worship and preaching as an act of evangelism. Church people aren’t the only ones who come to church. Unchurched and dechurched people also come to church, and so preaching also includes an evangelistic component.

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Relationships of Preaching

The pastor does not need to be a dynamic leader for the parish to reach the unchurched. Solid doctrine does not inevitably turn the unchurched away. These and other insights seem to disagree with some of the principles found in the church growth movement.

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Preaching from the Supplemental Lectionary

Preaching CWS’s lectionary now or in the future may be one way to avoid the temptation to re-preach regularly sermons you prepared in the past. The ‘logos’ of the ’canned’ sermon may be accurate, but the ‘pathos’ as well as the ‘ethos’ will typically be sorely lacking.

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