Preach the Word – September/October 2012

Volume 16, Number 1


I have appreciated Preach the Word since it began fifteen years ago. … for the last couple of years, I have had the very helpful experience of discussing each issue with the other men in my circuit at our regular meetings. Their insights have given the articles in Preach the Word added value for me. That experience has led me to try a different format this year. For each issue, I’ve asked three brothers with different perspectives to have a conversation on some practical matter of preaching and to allow their conversation to be edited for publication here.

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The Use of the Manuscript in Sermon Preparation and Delivery

Three pastors discuss their personal approach to using a manuscript in sermon preparation delivery

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The Hunt for a Good Sermon

Is preaching in America in a particularly bad state? Several commentators have recently raised the question, yet it has a long history. “It has become an impertinent Vein among People of all Sorts,” wrote Jonathan Swift in the 1720s, “to hunt after what they call a good Sermon, as if it were a Matter of Pastime or Diversion.”

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