psi update

Nixon Gregorio Vivar Gomez will graduate this May from the Pastoral Studies Institute. Nixon qualifies for the status of “non-traditional” student for the pastoral ministry on multiple levels. Most obviously, as an immigrant from Ecuador who came to the United States in 1999 as an optimistic 21-year-old with no English skills, Nixon has already earned the title “non-traditional.” What makes Nixon especially unique is that his journey to become a WELS pastor has taken 15 years.

Much life was squeezed into this 15-year journey. Nixon married Carla. The couple had two sons, Lucas and Samuel. Nixon became a permanent resident of the United States and learned English. Nixon and Carla bought a home. A constant in Nixon’s life and also his married life over the years has been their service to God’s people on the south side of Milwaukee. Nixon and Carla have served under the supervision and encouragement of half a dozen WELS pastors in various churches. Nixon completed courses while struggling through issues of employment, citizenship, extended family, and young children. But this May, Nixon will receive the prize for which he has labored. He will graduate from our seminary through the Pastoral Studies Institute. All of his pastors and teachers praise God for helping Nixon accomplish this task. Nixon has received the strongest recommendation from all of his mentors. Congratulations, Nixon and Carla. May God continue to use you to proclaim his praises.

—Professor E. Allen Sorum