Top Ten Reasons to Attend Summer Quarter 2024

Here are the top ten reasons for pastors to consider attending Summer Quarter (SQ) on the campus of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in 2024 (June 17-21 and June 24-28).

10. The SQ menu includes seventeen (17!) different courses, scheduled so that pastors can attend both weeks or only one. (We assume many will come for one week.)

9. This on-campus event happens only in even-numbered years. Your next chance would be 2026. Carpe diem!

8. The dorm-and-cafeteria-deal-of-the-century: A pastor can stay in the dorm and enjoy fourteen meals in the cafeteria for $250 per week. Add to that, Jeannie’s cooking is amazing!

7. SQ provides access to the library, the gym, and our scenic 80-acre campus. Weather-wise the second half of June is about as good as it gets in Wisconsin.

6. Flexibility: Take only one course or take several. (Any credits earned could count towards an STM degree.) Some pastors work on other projects or on strategic planning while they are here—a mini-sabbatical.

5. The fellowship of pastors: SQ provides opportunities to interact with other pastors in and outside the classroom. To mutual encouragement!

4. Meet pastors from our greater (global) confessional Lutheran fellowship. Learn with and from them. Encourage them.

3. There will be new enhancements in 2024, including three evening activities each week, making Summer Quarter an all-around-enjoyable event.

2. Daily chapel!

1. The faculty and staff of WLS are working hard to make SQ a unique opportunity for you to grow in faith, knowledge, zeal, and skill for gospel ministry.

Save the Date: Registration opens March 25!