A Symposium on Two Kingdoms

Recent trends in both the political and religious landscape of the United States have generated renewed attention on the doctrine of the two kingdoms and the Christian’s role within each. The upcoming symposium will provide an opportunity to grow in our understanding and application of the doctrine. In addition, we pray the symposium equips pastors as they seek to bring clarity and comfort to Christians navigating lives as citizens of both kingdoms.

For those who would like to participate in real-time but are not able to join as an in-person participant, an on-line only option for registration will be possible. In this option, a link will be provided for real-time access to the essays, reactions, and comments.

We encourage circuits to gather together locally during Symposium to watch the presenters and discuss topics as a group, if travel to Mequon isn’t possible. Cost for a circuit to host such a gathering is $15 and materials are provided electronically in addition to the livestream link.

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