Preach the Word – August/September 1997

Volume 1, Issue 1

Welcome to Preach the Word

Preach the Word is a bimonthly newsletter designed to help preachers …

An Exciting New Worship Resource

Welcome to this premier issue…The Commission on Worship shall have an interest in … preaching

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A Garland of Four Strands

Quoting Luther, “When I read the Bible, I try to braid a garland of four strands.” – Teaching, Confession, Thanksgiving, Petition

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Why This Newsletter?

There are some basic principles which must be respected by the man who constructs sermons . . We not only write sermons that we hope are workmanlike; we want our sermons to deserve to be called Lutheran.

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The Remoter Preparation

The care and feeding of your own faith has simply got to get higher priority than your family or your congregation.

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Text Analysis

“Text analysis” … is an indispensable part of sermon preparation. … I have no business standing in a pulpit announcing: “This is what the Lord says!” unless I am absolutely sure I know what the Lord actually said in the text I just read.

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Sermon Themes or Sermon Titles

A properly worded theme is more than a title (or topic); it’s a proposition, a declarative statement.

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