Preach the Word – July/August 2006

Volume 9, Number 6

This issue contains a number of smaller articles: “The Preacher, Torn,” “A Modern Aesop’s Fable,” “Contrition + Faith = Repentance,” “Theme or Topic?,” “Brother Martin on Psalm 118:21,” “Luther on Vocation,” “Three from Walther,” “This Text, This Audience, This Day,” and “Preaching During War.” The major article is “Born Slaves” by Pastor Phil Hirsch.

Born Slaves

The un-free will necessitates the proclamation of the hidden God. The concept of an enslaved will has everything to do with the purpose of this little paper – to Preach the Word. A study of the bondage of the will in Luther could initially seem impertinent. Do we really need to think about sin again? And to such a depth? Can’t PTW offer me something more practical? This, here, is the “rock-bottom of the Reformation” . . . .

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