Preach the Word – September/October 2006

Volume 10, Number 1

Pastor Daron Lindemann explores what it means to deliver a text, then the importance of walking together as brothers in our work of preaching. A 6-part study series on Fred B. Craddock’s book Preaching also starts in this issue. Sermon helps in this issue include Pentecost 13-19 and Reformation.


“I couldn’t deliver it all by myself,” the 36-year-old postal worker in Berlin explained to authorities who discovered several thousand undelivered letters in his basement this past July. Overwhelmed by his job. That was his excuse for the 90 boxes of mail postmarked as early as April but never meeting up with the intended recipients. He insisted, however, that he was only storing the rent checks, the birthday cards, the credit card statements, the wedding invitations, and the business contracts temporarily. With the help of friends he’d be delivering the mail soon. Preachers can feel like that. . . .

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Let’s Take a Walk Together

There’s diet. There’s exercise. Two key components to healthy living and healthy preaching. And, my, have we feasted! Good feasting, too. This excellent publication has set us a table of rich variety cooked by chefs with a storehouse of recipes and skills. Sometimes it offers so much to digest that we’ve needed to read a portion of it later as dessert. All of it has been nutritional for healthy preaching, and will, with God’s blessing, continue to be. Therefore, it’s a good time to take a walk and add some more exercise to our regimen of preaching. . . .

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