Preach the Word – May/June 2007

Volume 10, Number 5

Pastor Daron Lindemann reminds preachers to stand in awe and amazement at the beautiful message they are called to proclaim. Sermon helps for Easter 6, Pentecost, Pentecost 2, and Holy Trinity Sunday are listed. The study guide for Fred B. Craddock’s Preaching continues.

A Promise for Preachers

“No … way!” you blurt emphatically when somebody tells you what you would never believe to be true, but it’s good news so you give them the benefit of the doubt. “You’ve got to be kidding me!” is more of a question than a statement, for the most part denying that what just happened really did occur, but you’re elated nonetheless. That’s how the Spirit describes the response of the disciples when they laid eyes on their dead friend and Savior, Jesus, now standing before them very much alive. “They still did not believe it because of joy and amazement” . . . When those of us who preach don’t believe, we better ask ourselves why. . . .

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