Preach the Word – March/April 2007

Volume 10, Number 4

The Holy Spirit works through the Word, but he has entrusted the preaching of that Word to people. Pastor Daron Lindemann describes how a preacher must both rely on God and remain faithful to his work. The study on Fred B. Craddock’s Preaching continues. Sermon helps are listed for Lent 2, Lent 4, Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter Dawn, and Easter 2.

Praying and Preaching

It has been said regarding the Christian practice of prayer that one ought to pray as if everything depends on God and work as if everything depends on oneself. Apart from each other, this pair of truths would lead to either fatalism or humanism, neither of which Lutheran preachers wish to promote. Regarded properly as a pair, however, might the helpful motto be applied to our preaching?  Specifically, to the pursuit of better preaching? . . .

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