Preach the Word – November/December 2008

Volume 12, Number 2

A Painful Privilege: Proclaiming Law and Gospel Effectively at a Funeral

One of the privileges serving in the parish ministry affords is preparing and preaching funeral sermons. Some funeral sermons are very difficult to preach; others are not so difficult. But all present the preacher with opportunities.

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He Did What?

This article is an excerpt from a funeral sermon preached by Earle Treptow at the funeral of Nathan Ebert, son of pastor Kurt Ebert.

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Reflections on a Difficult Assignment

What am I going to say , Lord? … to my brother in the ministry whom I love and respect to help him in his painful situation … to my sister in ministry whom I love and respect to comfort her?

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A Listener Responds

Pastor Kurt Ebert, Nathan’s father, summarizes his thoughts after hearing Pastor Treptow’s funeral sermon for Ebert’s son.

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Transitions: The Forgotten Middle Child

We spend time early in the week studying the text in the original language. We carefully craft a theme and parts… . But what about the transition between the parts? It’s easy to give short-shrift to this part of the sermon.

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A Sunday Advent Sermon Series

You might want to consider setting your Advent Sundays apart, and thereby enhance your members’ preparations for the coming of Christ, by crafting your worship around a four-part sermon series.

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