Preach the Word – September/October 2008

Volume 12, Number 1

Running Out of Things to Preach On?

“I’m so glad I don’t serve as a minister of a local congregation. I’d run out of things to preach on!” That statement surely strikes a confessional Lutheran pastor as absolutely ludicrous.

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The Dog Days of the Green Season

Consider the focuses for the coming Sundays, drawn from the days’ Gospels… . How can you keep Christ in the center? (Sermon ideas for Pentecost 17-24)

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Supplemental Lectionary: An Initial Reaction

This supplemental lectionary is not intended to replace the lectionary used by many of us for the past fifteen years but rather to offer worship leaders the option of using alternative lessons. … The following article is a perspective from someone who has been preaching texts from the supplemental lectionary for several months.

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Pew View – A Deductive Rut

Having been a PewViewer for about five or six years now, I’ve had a number of preachers share with me their concern that their preaching seems to be in a rut… . Here’s one suggestion: If your sermons are all deductive sermons, try formulating inductive sermons.

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