Preach the Word – November/December 2012

Volume 16, Number 2

Welcome back!

Because of your encouragement, we will continue with the format of having three brothers with different perspectives. The three men in this second issue, different brothers from the first three, have also allowed their conversation to be edited for publication here.

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The Use of Personal Stories in Sermons

Three pastors discuss their personal approach to using personal stories in sermon preparation and delivery.

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How to Do Application Without Becoming a Quick-Fix Artist

Most of the problems with doing application in sermons can be solved by changing the way we ask the question. Instead of asking yourself, “How do I apply this to my congregation?”Ask, “How do I demonstrate application for my congregation?” Note: Reprinted by permission from

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Do You Make These Excuses to Avoid Sermon Illustrations?

There’s a nasty rumor going around that says you’re either a natural at illustrations, or a dud. The fallacy behind both sides of that false dichotomy is the misconception that illustrations don’t take work. But the truth is anyone can get good at using illustrations in their sermons if the put forth a little effort. Note: Reprinted by permission from

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