Preach the Word – September/October 2002

Volume 6, Number 1

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Welcome to the Sixth Volume of Preach the Word

Connecting to the Word and Connecting to People.

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Full Strength Law and Gospel Preaching

While our sermons might have secondary purposes like teaching stewardship or correcting false teaching or encouraging prayer, it is good for us to remember that the primary purpose of our sermons never changes.

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Sermons That Helped Me

“It is always my hope and prayer that people will have a better understanding and deeper love for the part of God’s Word that served as the text for my sermon.”

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Can You Use This?

Hints from Heloise

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Faithful Exegesis and Sermon Work

Over the years we’ve heard all sorts of reasons to do good exegesis. Every once in a while we need to hear these againd.

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