Preach the Word – September/October 2010

Volume 14, Number 1

Proclaim Grace!

This issue introduces a comprehensive two-year program for growth in preaching for WELS pastors entitled Proclaim Grace! While for thirteen volumes every issue of Preach the Word has focused on preaching with greater conviction and clarity, these two volumes seek to work as a coordinated whole to address ten key issues (page 3) that challenge us as we face the task of proclaiming the gospel Sunday by Sunday.

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A New Look and a New Editor

This issue brings the first redesign since 1997 and welcomes a new editor, Prof. Richard Gurgel. For two years and twelve issues he will share a variety of approaches designed to help pastors grow in their privileged duty of proclaiming God’s Word.

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Proclaim Grace! – An Overview of Volumes 14 & 15

The ten key issues filling these pages for the next two years emerged from input received from almost 150 pastors and lay people from every synodical district.

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Proclaim Grace Is Your Project!

A big part of the work of WLS’s new CE institute (Grow in Grace) will be encouraging and strengthening the growth that is already going on among brothers individually, in study groups, and in conferences and circuits. Grow in Grace: the Institute for Pastoral Growth at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary is not all about credits and classrooms, degrees and diplomas. It is all about what its motto declares: partnering in the lifelong pursuit of spiritual and professional growth.

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