Preach the Word – September/October 2013

Volume 17, Number 1.

There Is No Substitute for Preparation

While modern technology has allowed for easier and greater access to information, the process of sermon preparation still requires time- study time, praying time, research time, thinking time, writing time. The article is chiefly an encouragement to continue to allow generous time in the word and with the word as part of the sermon preparation routine.

The Preparation Process

The article is a compilation of responses from colleagues on the Martin Luther College faculty about the sermon preparation process. This is part I of the survey. The repsonses relate insights into working with the Bible text in its original language, reviewing translations of the text, approaches to the text, and gaining application/appropriation ideas.

God’s Treasure… From a Clay Jar: Sermon Excerpt of 1 Kings 19:9-18

This is the first in a series of sermon excerpts with comments. The sermon theme for this OT text: God’s whisper wakes us up. God revealed himself to the prophet Elijah with a “quiet whisper” that awakened Elijah from his self-pity and despair. God proved to Elijah that he was powerfully at work through the faithful proclamation of his Word as he preserved a remnant of believers. God continues to strengthen and comfort a “remnant chosen by grace” through his Word.

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