Ethiopia update

In October 2014, Peter and Simon and Professor Sorum travelled to Gambella, Ethiopia, to encourage people who are living in and around this city as refugees. Our Board for World Missions sent us to find ways in which we as WELS members might encourage these folks in their time of stress. We spent our time with five pastors and representatives from their flocks. Our task—actually Peter’s task—was to introduce them to the heritage and teaching of our Lutheran confession. The response was amazing. For a week we enjoyed joyful fellowship, solid teaching, and discussed important ways in which our broader WELS fellowship might show love and compassion to our brothers and sisters in this place. Peter and Simon grew up with these people. Though Peter and Simon and many other people from South Sudan are living in North America right now, their hearts are never far from their dear ones “back home.” Through trips like this, we can expect our partnership in good news and sharing that news to magnify.