South Sudanese people

While Peter and Simon and Professor Sorum were in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, they visited the Rev. Dr. Kebede Yigezu, founder and president of the Lutheran Church of Ethiopia (LCE). The three hundred members of the LCE proclaims a true and solidly Lutheran confession to the people of Ethiopia. The LCE’s Maor Theological College will serve as a strong anchor for this confessional heritage in Ethiopia. It seems prudent at this time to seek ways to connect the South Sudanese people who seek training in Lutheran convictions to Maor Theological College (approximately 300 miles from Gambella). After spending two weeks with Dr. Kebede, his family, his flock, and the students (not all of whom are LCE members) of Maor Theological College, he exhibits that we have a strong partner and friend in the LCE. We are blessed that the members of the LCE have reached out to partner with us and desire eagerly to stand with us in our Reformation heritage.