Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Daily Chapel

The seminary's dean of chapel oversees the campus worship life and is assisted by a committee of seniors and a student sacristan. Students and members of the faculty preside at regular morning and evening services. Students and faculty also serve as organists, instrumentalists, cantors, and members of several chapel choirs. Many of the festivals of the Christian year are celebrated in full-length services in which faculty members are invited to preach.

03-12-2024Daily Chapel – March 12, 2024A. RonholtWatch Video
03-11-2024Daily Chapel – March 11, 2024Professor WordellWatch Video
02-08-2024Daily Chapel – March 8, 2024Jacob ZabellWatch Video
03-07-2024Daily Chapel – March 7, 2024C. LindholmWatch Video
03-06-2024Daily Chapel – March 6, 2024Cooper KnollWatch Video
03-05-2024Daily Chapel – March 5, 2024Colin RixeWatch Video
03-04-2024Daily Chapel – March 4, 2024Professor TackmierWatch Video
02-28-2024Daily Chapel – February 28, 2024Kelvin JohannesWatch Video
02-27-2024Daily Chapel – February 27, 2024Ethan PrinsWatch Video
02-26-2024Daily Chapel – February 26, 2024Professor CherneyWatch Video