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Developing a Mission Philosophy of Ministry: Balancing Community Involvement and Congregational Outreach

Instructor: E. Allen Sorum

Our theology and our interests contribute to our philosophy of ministry. The congregations we serve and the communities they are in also contribute to our approach to doing ministry. Approaches to ministry can be flexible. In view of changes in our setting or because we have re-located to a new setting, we might want to think about our approach to ministry. We might wonder, however, how could or should the community influence our philosophy of ministry. This course will explore Scripture on the topics of outreach and witness and mission leadership. We will also discuss and experiment with tools that might help us understand possible bridges into our community that would lead to sharing the gospel. We will do this with our Lutheran brothers and colleagues in ministry with whom we want to remain true to our gospel heritage but with whom we share the desire to share that gospel heritage.

Area of Study: Missiology & Evangelism
Tuition: $400
Course Number: PL5005/ ME5043
Course Credits: 1.0
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