Formal Continuing Education

Grow in Grace strives to deliver Christ-centered, accessible, and ministry impacting events and courses built around the four theological disciplines of biblical theology, systematic theology, historical theology, and practical theology.

Grow in Grace offers a variety of courses in a variety of venues throughout the year:

For-credit Courses

While pastors are always welcome to take any for-credit courses they would like without pursuing a degree, the seminary’s Master of Sacred Theology (STM) degree offers a focused plan for participating in these courses. Financial aid is available for anyone taking a WLS for-credit course on campus, at a satellite location, or online. For those whose calling bodies cover the cost of tuition, WLS offers a discount in tuition.

On-Campus Summer Quarter: Each June in even-numbered years, Grow in Grace hosts two weeks of courses on our Mequon campus – called Summer Quarter – which offer pastors a menu of courses they can take. Some courses last one week, others last two weeks.

Satellite Summer Quarter Courses: Every odd-numbered year, Grow in Grace offers satellite events with courses in whichever districts invite us to come.

Online Courses: Online courses are offered in the fall, summer, and spring. These provide pastors the opportunity to take a for-credit course without needing to leave home or the place where they serve.

Winterim Courses: Each January, Grow in Grace also offers one and two week Winterim courses on our campus.

I found Summer Quarter to be a very encouraging experience, studying together with so many brothers in the faith. I am very impressed both by the professors and my fellow pastors, in their devotion and knowledge.

Pastor Anders Nissen



Grow in Grace also offers events throughout the year:

Symposium: Each year Grow in Grace assists the seminary faculty’s special events committee as they host an annual Symposium on campus each September.

Celebration of Ministry Retreats: Each spring, Grow in Grace hosts Celebrations of Ministry retreats for pastors and wives at key ministry milestones.

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