Ministry Evaluation Study Packages

Grow in Grace seeks to produce essays and accompanying resource packages that can help a pastor or a group of pastors to evaluate key areas of their many callings (child of God, pastor, husband, father, etc.). Three such packages have been produced. The essays and resource packages are:

Ordained for a Life of Growth (May 2011)

An essay and resource package that helps a pastor evaluate how he can guard the treasure of the gospel by guarding four supporting gifts of time, faith, health, and brothers/sisters.

Ordained for a Life of Growth Study Package

Reclaiming Our Christ-Centered Lutheran Devotional Heritage (January 2013)

A series of four essays and an accompanying resource package that assists pastors in approaching their time in Word and prayer as a gift of God’s grace rather than seeing it primarily as another item on the daily to-do list crying for his attention.

Devotional Heritage Study Package

Fan God’s Gifts into Flame (July 2016)

An essay, workbook, and resource package that offers pastors a rationale and options for crafting an annual plan for growth in all their callings.

Fan God's Gifts into Flame Study Package