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Post-Reformation Lutheranism

Instructor: Joel Otto

After Luther’s death, the Lutheran church faced many challenges, both internally and externally, both theologically and politically. From the Counter-Reformation to intra-Lutheran disputes, from Calvinistic infiltration to the Thirty Years’ War, the next several generations of Lutherans saw the Evangelical Lutheran church to maturity in theology, worship, education and devotional life as they responded to these threats. This course will trace post-Reformation Lutheranism from Luther’s death to the advent of Pietism at the end of the 17th century. Through the reading of primary sources, including devotional material, we will grow in understanding and appreciating the challenges faced by our Lutheran forefathers and gain practical pastoral insight for dealing with false doctrine and physical hardships.

This course is a combination of two 1.0 credit courses, "Challenges Faced by the Post-Reformation Lutheran Church" and "The Age of Lutheran Orthodoxy."

Advanced Degree Program(s): STM
Area of Study: Church History
Summer Quarter Credits: 2
Tuition: $800
Course Number: CH5039
Course Credits 2
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