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Revelation: An Exegetical and Doctrinal Study

Instructor: John Brug

We will study the book of Revelation with an emphasis on the doctrines that it teaches, with attention to such doctrines as millennialism, Satan, angels, Antichrist, the Trinity in Revelation, and so on. Our focus will be on preparing to teach a Bible class on Revelation. There will be a two-track option for lesson preparation: students can either read the lesson’s text in Greek or read commentaries on the lesson’s text. Students will keep a log on this study, which will be handed in at intervals during the course. The discussions will be based on the Greek text, but the class will not be a translation-analysis class. Each lesson will be accompanied by videos and exercises. Students will participate in a number of online forums and in creating an online glossary of terms. Students will write a paper on one of the doctrinal topics and write a final review. The course will rely more heavily on individual study than many online courses, giving the student more flexibility in his scheduling of the course.

Advanced Degree Program(s): STM
Area of Study: New Testament
Language Requirement(s): Greek Required
Summer Quarter Credits: 3
Online Course Credits: 1.0
Tuition: $400
Course Number: NT5036
Course Credits: 1.0
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