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Revelation For Our Time and Circumstance

Instructor: E. Allen Sorum

The message of Revelation only grows more critical as citizens of this planet struggle under the burden of the various plagues prophesied in this letter. The message is clear. As the plagues grow in intensity as we get closer to the Last Day, the proclamation of the gospel must also grow in clarity. A study of Revelation is supremely encouraging to Christians who, without this letter’s encouragement, might begin to falter in their witness to this world. Here is a wonderful encouragement, namely, to fearlessly proclaim the gospel of him who prepares the universe to receive that proclamation.

Of special interest in this study of Revelation will be a study of the core commitments of Social Justice Theory and an evaluation of its threats to our culture and to our Christian witness. We will look at what societal issues Social Justice Theory seeks to address and evaluate its solutions. The course will also review the work of current key advocates of this philosophy. What drives the cancel narrative? Why is the majority culture targeted with intensity? How might Christian individuals and congregations initiate a Christian witness to a “Social Justice Warrior?” In view of Social Justices Theory’s threat to the Western world’s culture, should Christians consider Christian nationalism as a response?

Participants in this course will:
1. Grow in faith in the Victorious Savior who has already defeated our every enemy and has called us to be his bold witnesses of his victory until his return;
2. Practice confidently the hermeneutical approach required by this letter;
3. Discern the implications of the structural organization that the author uses to present his message;
4. Dig deeply into the repeating but intensifying message of the judgments God sends from his throne upon this earth in order to understand how his Church is to work with God through these judgments to rescue sinners from hell, and;
5. Prepare and apply especially our Christian response to Social Justice Theory and to international events like wars, pandemics, and the threat of extremist religious groups.

In summer 2024 this course will run June 17-21 from 7:15 am - 9:55 am.

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Area of Study: Missiology & Evangelism
Tuition: $400
Course Number: ME5009
Course Credits: 1.0
Dates Term Location
06/17/2024 to 06/28/2024 Summer Quarter 2024 Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary View Courses
06/14/2021 to 06/17/2021 North Atlantic District Satellite - Summer 2021 Online View Courses