Preach the Word – January/February 2007

Volume 10, Number 3

Pastor Daron Lindemann reminds us not only to study our text, but to study our listeners. Sermon helps are listed for The Baptism of Our Lord, Epiphany 1-5, Transfiguration, Ash Wednesday, and Lent 1. The study guide on Fred B. Craddock’s Preaching continues.

Listen to the Text. Study the Listener.

The careful preparation of preaching brings together two venues of God at work. He’s at work through his Word. He’s at work in the lives of people. A faithful preacher pays attention to both. You can read more about this and develop further skills by utilizing the study guides in this issue for Fred Craddock’s Preaching. Enjoy below a number of examples gleaned from WELS preachers that highlight the intersecting of God’s Word and God’s people by preaching specific, textual law and gospel to specific, timely life situations. . . .

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