Preach the Word – November/December 2006

Volume 10, Number 2

Two articles, “A Way with Words” and “The Word Finds a Way” are side-by-side in this issue to highlight the dual importance of preaching and preparation. Pastor Daron Lindemann also provides a list of “Dynamic Gospel Verbs.” The study on Fred B. Craddock’s Preaching continues, and Sermon Helps are listed for End Time, Last Judgment, Thanksgiving, Christ the King, Advent, and Christmas.

A Way With Words

Some people just have a way with words. They can turn a phrase to fit any situation, describe a scene so that it draws you in, help you appreciate old truths with new delight, or communicate the main point with a strikingly simple metaphor. Garrison Keillor, for example, makes you laugh at yourself because of his ability to put Lutheran preachers on the scene. . . .

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The Word Finds a Way

In Advent you will announce John the Baptist as the one preparing the way for the Savior. That’s the what. The substance. But how is he announced? That’s the style. Look at how the Scriptures announce him! . . .

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