Ministry Grant Awarded

Again this year, a retired pastor and his wife have made two $500 gifts to Grow in Grace in order to encourage pastors and lay leaders to grow together in carrying out the gospel ministry entrusted to them. These are the congregations whose proposals are receiving a $500 grant this year.

Resurrection Lutheran Church in Maumee, Ohio is being awarded $500 for the the creation and cultivation of a community food forest, to support our community food pantry. The grant funds will be used to cover training costs for laypeople to participate in a national community garden program, with the hope that members and community groups can participate side by side to help meet the needs of our neighbors.

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Salt Lake City, Utah won with this proposal: “For several years, Prince of Peace has hosted a Drive-Thru Bethlehem living nativity. It includes over 100 volunteers and participants. Set up in our church parking lot, it provides a series of stations for visitors to enjoy. Following an audio tour accessed via smartphone from our website, visitors hear a warm, joyful commentary on the Christmas story. We have had tremendous success in reaching our community with the Christmas gospel. We have found that many LDS families are drawn to events like this, because it’s familiar. When they arrive and visit, they encounter a much different message than they have been taught. The challenge this year is the cost of supplies. Our team of crafty people continue to build backdrops, construct sets, and sew costumes. Much of the craft work has to be recreated each year. Our volunteers have limited storage, time, and ability to make all the sets. Our costs will go up this year as we purchase supplies for long-term use. Our goal, though, is to continue to provide a rich, full experience for the community to hear and enjoy the good news of Jesus in a place where so many need it and in a season when so many are eager to listen.”