Feedback from 2019 Retreats

“What a wonderful opportunity this was to meet up with classmates and friends, to share joys, successes, laughs, frustrations, and trials with each other, talk doctrine and practice with each other, revisit old stories, share new ones, enjoy God’s creative beauty and be fed with God’s word together…I can now include this retreat in my storehouse of “lovely, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy” things, talked about in the Bible study, which I can access when my thoughts might be trending in a not-so-healthy direction. Thank you!”

“Spending unplanned time with my wife. For some reason we did good talk at San Antonio that we don’t do as well at home. I’m guessing it’s that at home we always have something to do. While in San Antonio we didn’t have distractions to carry us away from each other.”

“Just wanted to say thank you to all the work put into making this event happen. As called workers and spouses, planning events usually falls on us a lot of the time. It was so nice and refreshing to JUST participate and have that time with my spouse to enjoy what was planned and offered. So, thank you!”

“I don’t know if I could pick just one part that I enjoyed most. The combination of fellowship and reconnecting with others (including fun and sight-seeing together in San Antonio), worship, Bible study, and workshops, was refreshing, edifying, and uplifting. I enjoyed the entire package even more than I was expecting! Thank you for all the hard work that is put into preparing for this retreat!”

“We are so grateful for this important Grow in Grace Retreat — the best retreat we’ve ever attended. From the inspiring Bible studies and real-life presentations to mixing with brothers and sisters from my own class and other years, it was a reminder that God brings us together to celebrate His grace to encourage us to keep sharing that Grace with others. I pray more of our called workers can make use of this retreat in future years. You won’t regret going and will be more grateful for the lessons learned. This retreat reminded us: we are not alone in ministry but God sends so many to encourage us and cheer us on. Thank you for all your fine work!”

“Thank you so much for all of your work. This retreat is a special gift. It meant so much to me that support of pastors and their wives has been prioritized. I am grateful for the gifts of members that made this a reality and for your hard work. This retreat has been a milestone I looked forward to since graduation. Getting there provided a sense of accomplishment. To celebrate a milestone together with friends is special. Thank you for creating a milestone that helped encourage us through these first years of ministry and provided a way to celebrate that “we made it.” Well done.”