Ordained For a Life of Growth

Every pastor will remember the zeal for service in the kingdom that filled him at call day or the day of ordination. Holding on to such zeal in the midst of the realities of service in the church militant can be more than challenging. This essay and resource packet seek to help pastors discover ways to maintain or regain that zeal for ministry throughout the years of ministry.

This essay and the accompanying resource packet were produced in May 2011 for study by pastoral circuits, but they can also be profitable for study by smaller groups of pastors or for personal study by an individual pastor.

Ordained for a Life of Growth Essay

The accompanying resource packet provides suggestions and options for how a pastor might go about designing a spiritual and professional growth plan. It walks him through a process that includes drawing on the insights and encouragement of ministry peers and lay leaders from his calling body.

Ordained for a Life of Growth Resource Packet