Preaching and Worship

Preaching and Worship

Introduction to the Preaching and Worship Focus Area STM Degree 

The STM degree with a focus in Preaching and Worship builds on MDiv courses in homiletics and worship. The courses in this focus area combine theory (including history) and practice. As students grow in their understanding of the preaching and worship, class projects provide the opportunity to put their learning into practice in parish settings. Students may choose either a preaching emphasis or a worship emphasis; required courses will be determined based on this choice.

Goals (Knowledge, Skills, Attitude)  

By the end of this program the student will have done the following: 

  1. Demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the history of worship among Lutherans and its impact on the future of worship.
  2. Displayed skill in blending strong worship resources from the past and the present with a clear sensitivity to the proclamation of the gospel.
  3. Demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the ebb and flow of the liturgical year and give evidence of how to capture that ebb and flow in both worship and preaching.
  4. Articulated a rationale for striving to improve preaching that honors both the efficacy of the Scriptures and the desire to grow as a faithful steward of God’s gifts.
  5. Demonstrated a familiarity with the history of preaching and its impact on current gospel proclamation in the setting of Lutheran worship.
  6. Displayed the skill to utilize several sermonic forms and structures in ways that communicate clearly and proclaim the gospel faithfully.
  7. Displayed the skill to proclaim law and gospel with textual freshness and general gospel predominance in ways that clearly honor each text’s context and unique place in salvation history.
  8. Given evidence of his understanding that growing in the science/art of presiding and preaching at worship is a ministry-long challenge.
  9. Given evidence of planning concrete ways to deepen the understanding of worship and preaching among those he has been called to serve.


Core courses 
  • PW5001 Preaching the Word: Building on a Strong Foundation 
  • WR5009 Survey of Sermon Structures (1 cr)
  • PW5051 The Western Rite: Its History and Use in Our Churches  
  • PW5042 Worship and Preaching that Celebrates the Liturgical Year
Other courses 
  • PW5021 Preaching Christ from the Old Testament (1 cr)
  • WR5005 Freshness and Variety in Proclaiming Law and Gospel 
  • WR5070 Survey of the History of Preaching

Ways to Earn Credits (prioritized)  

  1. On-campus Summer Quarter Courses
  2. Satellite Summer Quarter Courses
  3. Guided Research (e.g., ministry project annotated bibliography, scholarly essay)
  4. Online Courses (Summer, Fall, Spring)
  5. Thesis