Reclaiming Our Christ-Centered Lutheran Devotional Life

Ever since Martin Luther provided detailed insight into his own devotional life in a letter to his barber, our Lutheran fathers (and mothers!) have been entrusting to our care a unique gospel-focused pattern for pursuing spiritual growth through personal study of Word and prayer. It is that heritage that is explored by this series of essays and accompanying resource packet.

This package of essays and the accompanying resource packet were produced in December 2012 for pastoral circuits to study together, but they can also be profitable for study by smaller groups of pastors or for personal study by an individual pastor.

The four essays begin by exploring how to approach our whole devotional life from the side of the gospel and then continue by examining one by one the three ways Luther believed God grows theologians: meditatio, oratio, tentatio.

The resource packet that accompanies the four essays has three parts:

  • Worksheets to help a pastor analyze and plan for how to strengthen his personal devotional time in Word and prayer.
  • A review of John Kleinig’s book Grace upon Grace.
  • Reviews of three devotional resources that have been helpful to pastors.

Resource Packet and Worksheets

Prof. Brug’s Study Calendar

Many of Professor Brug’s students will recall the study calendar that he has shared with his classes each year. Here is a sample of that calendar.

Pastor Lindke’s Devotion Plan

For several years Pastor Allen Lindke taught a Winterim and Summer Quarter course that shared the devotional pattern he has created for Lutheran pastors. The following links contain his presentation and study plan.

Taking Personal Devotions Personally – Outline and Answers

The Meditation of My Heart – A Study Plan in Three Parts