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Confessional Lutheran Hermeneutics in the Contemporary Context

Instructor: Paul Wendland

*This is a core course for the Master of Sacred Theology degree.

Begins with a review of good hermeneutics by discussing the basic biblical presuppositions necessary for a faithful interpretation of Scripture. We will come to a deeper appreciation for approaching the text reverently as God’s inspired Word and interpreting the text according to the author’s intent. We will see the centrality of Christ in all the Scriptures while yet being respectful of each writer’s own particular historical and literary context. We will examine and evaluate the impact upon hermeneutical studies of linguistics as well as of other modern forms of investigating the text, including rhetorical, genre, and narratological analysis. We will discuss the postmodern ‘turn to the reader’ as a determiner of meaning as well as its impact on contemporary socio-ideological forms of interpretation. Without discounting what we can learn from all these approaches, the course aims to affirm the enduring value of the historical/ grammatical approach to Scripture study.

During Spring Online 2024, this course will run 10 weeks (Jan 22 - Mar 29).

Advanced Degree Program(s): STM
Area of Study: New Testament
Language Requirement(s): Greek Required
Tuition: $800
Course Number: NT5060
Course Credits 2
Dates Term Location
01/20/2025 to 04/11/2025 Spring Online 2025 Online View Courses
01/22/2024 to 04/12/2024 Spring Online 2024 Online View Courses
09/11/2023 to 11/17/2023 Fall Online 2023 Online View Courses