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Congregational Strategic Planning

Instructor: Jon Hein

For many congregations, planning consists of scheduling the upcoming calendar and creating a budget. When planning is this minimal, it can lead to a plethora of problems: churches working reactively, rather than proactively; members working hard, but never gaining ministry traction; frustrated members and leadership. This course examines the theology of planning. Learners will apply Scriptural principles to the four aspects of what is often called “strategic planning”: 1) using self-analysis to define the current reality; 2) establishing mission and a strategy that aim at a desired future; 3) producing goals that move the congregation from the current reality to that desired future. The learner will come away with the understanding and resources to help his church engage in the type of planning that can enable organizational transformation.

Area of Study: Pastoral Leadership
Tuition: $400
Course Number: PL5086
Course Credits: 1.0
Dates Term Location
04/13/2021 to 04/15/2021 Minnesota District Satellite - Spring 2021 Hilton MSP View Courses