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“Threads”: Connecting the Old Testament and New Testament

Instructor: Brad Wordell

Many don’t give a “hoot” about the Old Testament. It’s long. It’s full of people, strange places, and vignettes of humanity at its worst. The stories are sometimes good, but so what? In a time when biblical illiteracy is growing, it is important to see the threads that God wove into the fabric of his Old Testament revelation. Like the hoot (Hebrew for “thread”) that Rahab placed in her window, many Old Testament words, concepts, and events are connected with the promise of God to save sinful mankind through Jesus Christ.

On Resurrection evening Jesus impressed on his disciples that the Torah, prophets, and Psalms testified of him. That afternoon Jesus opened up the understanding of the OT Scriptures for two perplexed men on the way to Emmaus. The course will trace multiple threads that run from Genesis to Malachi and end with Christ. “All the promises of God lead back to the first promise concerning Christ of Genesis 3:15. The faith of the fathers in the Old Testament era and our faith in the New Testament are one and the same…” (Luther’s Commentary on Galatians, 3:6-7).

Area of Study: Old Testament
Tuition: $400
Course Number: OT5085
Course Credits: 1.0
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