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Elisha: The Chariots and Horsemen of Israel

Instructor: Brad Wordell

In the face of invading idolatry, God declared war and raised up “the chariots and horsemen of Israel” to defend his glory and preserve his elect. Elijah and Elisha were those spiritual warriors (2 Kings 2:12 & 13:14) sent by God to powerfully proclaim law and gospel in word and deed. Using the inspired Hebrew text, participants in the Elisha course will carefully exegete numerous vignettes from his ministry. What timeless truths does a loving God reveal to his spiritual soldiers of today who also labor under the unceasing attacks of the evil one? Find comfort and confidence as you see God’s saving activity through the proclamation of the Word. We will explore the spiritual, political, and geographical context of the divided monarchy to understand the situation in which Elisha labored. A close look at 2 Kgs 2 - 13 will reveal how brightly the Lord’s wisdom, power, and grace was shining in sin-darkened Israel. Salient points of Hebrew grammar and syntax will be reviewed. Class participants will apply the Elisha account to their own ministries and consider ways to preach and teach this amazing history.

During Summer Quarter 2022, this course runs week one - June 20 through June 24.

Area of Study: Old Testament
Course Number: OT5281.2
Satellite Course Credits: 1
Dates Term Location
06/20/2022 to 07/01/2022 Summer Quarter 2022 Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary View Courses