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The Preacher Studies Romans 9-16

Instructor: Paul Wendland

As long as we are sinners in need of God’s gift of righteousness in Jesus Christ, Paul’s masterful epistle to the Romans will prove to be a devotional blessing. Here, after all, is what Luther called absolutissima epitome Evangelii, “the most perfect summary of the Gospel.” In view of its doctrinal content, pastor-teachers also want to be prepared to lead Bible classes on Romans. Undoubtedly their teaching will be enhanced through careful study of this epistle in the original Greek.

Why a post-seminary course on these eight chapters? Because while a study of Romans 1-8 was included in every seminarian’s curriculum, Romans 9-16 was only for those few who studied it as an elective.

Still, why take a course focused on preaching from these chapters? For one thing, some pastors may shy away from preaching on Romans 9-16 due to the complexity of the apostle’s argument. They may feel that Paul’s line of thought in chapters 9 through 11, in particular, is difficult to explain from the pulpit. In addition, for some who preach on a Romans text there could be a tendency to launch into topical sermons rather than actually preaching the text. Thorough exegetical study and careful analysis of these texts will provide the depth needed for genuinely textual preaching on Romans.

If there is a desire a 15- or 20-hour course for seminary CE credit, one course objective is that each participant comes away from it with sixteen thoroughly researched text studies.

If there is there is less time available (say, 6-8 hours for a pastors’ conference), the participants may choose to focus on Romans 9-11 or Romans 12:1 - 15:7.

Advanced Degree Program(s): STM
Area of Study: New Testament
Language Requirement(s): Greek Required
Online Course Credits: 2
Tuition: $500
Course Number: NT5311
Pastors' Institute TimeFrame: 6-10 hours
Dates Term Location