Biblical Theology: New Testament

Biblical Theology: New Testament


The candidate must earn at least 24 credits in the program, twelve of which must be in New Testament (NT) courses. Each credit is earned by 45 hours of active learning.

Introduction to the New Testament Focus Area STM Degree 

Welcome to the New Testament Focus Area of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary’s STM degree. There are many different ways to grow as we seek to serve our Lord. By choosing to focus in the New Testament, you will explore in even greater depth the life of our Savior and the communication of his victory to the world. Consider this focus area, more than anything else, as an opportunity to engage in coordinated in-depth contact with the Spirit’s power in the presence of brothers, contact that seeks to bring you, both personally and as a shepherd, continued growth in faith and love.

Goals (Knowledge, Skills, Attitude) 

Any pastoral study of Scripture has as its ultimate goal—achievable only by God’s grace and through his power—a personal growth in faith which is tied to immersion in God’s love and absorption of the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This personal growth in faith, love, and knowledge leads naturally to energetic application of God’s truth in the various circles of one’s life: family, acquaintances, and congregation. It is our prayer that those pursuing an STM degree in the area of New Testament will find their in-depth study of God’s word further equipping them for life and godliness.

On this path toward spiritual growth and growth in service, we will study, at various degrees of depth, a breadth of New Testament texts. This study will engage energetically with the original language of the New Testament, Greek. As STM students may bring various levels of Greek proficiency to this effort, course methodology will engage students where they are at, intending to increase skills as courses progress. All aspects of the language, from vocable to discourse level, will feature prominently in efforts to understand what the Spirit is saying. As context even beyond the text is relevant, STM students will have opportunity to grow in their understanding of geographical and historical features of the New Testament era.

Linguistic and contextual tools, while critical, are only a means to an end. As participants more precisely understand truths the Spirit is seeking to communicate, they are equipped with power and direction for engaging in personal spiritual battle and for helping others do the same. A careful handling of law and gospel is central. The Old Adam/New Man struggle characterizes our daily existence. The optimistic encouragements to sanctification shape our own approach to living a life that honors the Lord. As the Spirit strengthens and sharpens those spiritual skills among our STM brothers, focus will also fall on equipping shepherds to equip their fellow saints. Participants will share current challenges in ministry, working together to apply the Spirit’s insights to our own day. Applications can be made to preaching, teaching, counseling, and witnessing. It is our prayer that pastors will see their study as bringing even greater clarity and focus to their planning for future ministry.

As the Spirit strengthens and sharpens both personal and shepherding spiritual skills, inner attitudes and faith perspective are core. In fact, divine shaping of attitude drives growth in practical use of God’s truth. It is our prayer that through their study, STM students will foster a sense of awe, and humility, and appreciation, and dedication, and hope, and optimism, and commitment, and rededication to the blessed task of being gospel ministers. Such blessing comes only through the Means of Grace. How stunning, that in our engagement with words to be studied, one is in fact touching the very power of God for salvation—miraculous power for life and for godliness.


Current offerings

Core courses (this course must be a part of every “New Testament focus” STM program)

  • NT5031 Exegetical/Isagogical Study of 1 Peter (1 cr)
  • Biblical Geography (one meets this Core Course requirement by taking one of these three courses:
    • OT5091 Biblical Geography (1.5 cr)
    • Study tour to Turkey/Greece/Italy (3 cr)
    • Study tour to Israel/Jordan) (3 cr)

Courses considering individual New Testament books (at least 4 of this category of credits must be part of every “New Testament focus” STM program)

  • ME5028 Missiology in the Book of Acts (1 cr)
  • NT5013 The Preacher Studies Romans 9-16 (1 cr)
  • NT5020 Exegetical/Isagogical Study of Philippians (1 cr)
  • NT5021 Exegetical/Isagogical Study of Colossians (1 cr)
  • NT5028 Isagogical/Exegetical Study of Hebrews (1 cr)
  • NT5030 Exegetical/Isagogical Study of James (1 cr)
  • NT5036 Revelation: An Exegetical and Doctrinal Study (1 cr)

Broader New Testament topics

  • OT5091 Biblical Geography (1.5 cr)
  • NT5060 Confessional Lutheran Hermeneutics in the Contemporary Context (2 cr)
  • NT5081 Preaching and the Parables (1 cr)
  • NT5061 Maintaining a Lutheran Identity in a Postmodern World (1 cr)
  • OT5077 Linguistics for Exegetes (2 cr)
  • OT5085 “Threads”: Connecting the Old and New Testaments (1 cr)
  • Study tour to Turkey/Greece/Italy (3 cr)
  • Study tour to Israel/Jordan (3 cr)

Ways to Earn Credits (prioritized) 

  1. Summer Quarter courses in even-numbered years
  2. Satellite Summer Quarter courses in odd-numbered years
  3. Winterim courses in January
  4. Study Tour to Israel/Jordan or to Turkey/Greece/Italy
  5. Online Courses (Spring, Summer, Fall)
  6. Thesis
  7. Guided research