The candidate must earn at least 24 credits in the program, twelve of which must be in Education (ED) courses. Each credit is earned by 45 hours of active learning. 

Introduction to the Education Focus Area STM Degree 

In short, the Education STM program builds upon the MDiv program by emphasizing Christian education in the home and by fostering the pastor-teacher’s continued professional growth in his current calling.

Goals (Knowledge, Skills, Attitude) 

  1. The student will give clear evidence that he grasps the practical implications that growth in the gospel is the key element to any educational effort for Christians from birth to old age.
  2. The student will grow in his capacity to employ different methodologies to address different learning styles.
  3. The student will give clear evidence that he understands the vital importance of strengthening Christian homes so that Christian educational efforts at church/school are not divorced from the experiences those in his care have in their homes.
  4. The student will participate in a practicum, offering opportunity to employ and develop acquired insights and strategies.
  5. The student will give evidence of planning concrete ways to put to work the educational insights has gained with those he has been called to serve.
  6. The student will give evidence of a commitment to continued growth as a teacher, recognizing that constant learning is at the heart of good teaching.
  7. The student will be equipped to offer a coordinated approach to Christian education.


Required courses: 

  • Adult Education Theory (examples would be Principles and Practices of Adult Bible Study, Part 1 and Part 2) (2 cr)
  • Adult Education Practices (examples would be Principles and Practices of Adult Bible Study, Part 1 and Part 2) (2 cr)
  • Catechism Theory and Practice (2 cr)
  • ED5066 Adult Education as Communication (2 cr)

Elective courses: 

  • ED5040 Leading Teens and Young Adults into Spiritual Maturity: Building a Bridge from Childhood to Adulthood (1 cr)
  • ED5022 Teach Them to Your Children: Helping Parents Fulfill Their Spiritual Responsibility to Children (1 cr)
  • ED5039 Educational Technology for the Catechism Classroom (1 cr)
  • ED5090 Technology in the Parish (1 cr)
  • ED5085 Luther and Education (1 cr)
  • ED5084 Technology in Teaching (1 cr)

Ways to Earn Credits (prioritized) 

  1. Summer Quarter Courses in even-numbered years
  2. Online Courses (Spring, Summer, Fall)
  3. Thesis 
  4. Winterim Courses in January
  5. Satellite Summer Quarter courses in odd-numbered years
  6. Guided research