Missiology and Evangelism

Missiology & Evangelism


The candidate must earn at least 24 credits in the program, twelve of which must be in Missiology and Evangelism (ME) courses. Two of those credits are earned from the core courses. Two must consist of experience outside of the classroom (via either an offered course or an experiential guided research project). Each credit is earned by 45 hours of active learning.  

Introduction to the Missiology and Evangelism Focus Area STM Degree 

The STM degree with a focus in Missions and Evangelism is intended to build on the related courses the student took during his MDiv studies as well as his experience in the field. Courses in this focus area offer a mix of theory and practice: they allow the student to dig deeper into concepts he was briefly exposed to at MLC and WLS, such as apologetics, cultural analysis, worldviews, cross-cultural communication, community research, and evangelism planning, programming, and training. Courses are designed to provide immediate, practical impact for the student’s ministry.

Goals (Knowledge, Skills, Attitude) 

By the end of this program, the student will have done the following:

  • Located his evangelistic efforts—and those of his members or students—within the mission of God.
  • Composed a plan for equipping his people for their place in that mission.
  • Analyzed his target community and/or culture and composed a plan to effectively proclaim the gospel there.
  • Grown in confidence as an evangelist, trusting that Jesus the prophet still arranges opportunities for him to evangelize and speaks through him when he does.
  • Assessed different styles and methods of evangelism, with an eye toward those that best fit his personality and ministry as well as those of his people.
  • Studied the missionary methods of Jesus and the apostles and applied them to his own ministry.
  • Broadened his understanding of the concepts and vocabulary of missiology and evangelism.
  • Participated in and evaluated a mission or evangelism experience.


Core courses:

  • ME5003 Missio Dei (1 cr)
  • ME5002 Equipping Evangelists (1 cr)

Elective courses:

  • ME5028 Missiology in the Book of Acts (1 cr)
  • ME5043 Developing a Mission Philosophy of Ministry: Balancing Community Involvement and Congregational Outreach (1 cr)
  • ME5009 Revelation as a Pastoral Response to Social Justice Theory (1 cr)
  • ME5050 Understanding the Worldview of Islam to Facilitate Your Witness (1 cr)
  • ME5001 Bible Storying (1 cr)
  • ME5004 Grafted to Grafting (1 cr)

Ways to Earn Credits (prioritized) 

  1. Summer Quarter Courses in even-numbered years
  2. Satellite Summer Quarter courses in odd-numbered years
  3. Winterim Courses in January
  4. Online Courses (Spring, Summer, Fall)
  5. Guided research
  6. Partner Institutes
  7. Thesis