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Congregational Organization and Management

Instructor: Jon Hein

A plan, no matter how carefully crafted, is worthless if it is not "worked" properly. The orderly implementation of a plan, including the proper allocation of resources, is what Scripture calls "management." This course examines how to convert both a strategic plan and annual ministry plan into action plans which then govern all ministry activity within the congregation. The class will examine various components of good plan management: proper governance (one that makes use of the gifts of men and women in Scripturally appropriate ways); leadership development; recruitment and motivation for volunteerism; and multi-leveled communication. The learner will come away with an understanding of how to convert what is on paper (plans) into action (ministry).

Area of Study: Pastoral Leadership
Tuition: $400
Course Number: PL5087
Course Credits: 1.0
Dates Term Location
06/07/2021 to 06/10/2021 Michigan Satellite District - Summer 2021 Bowling Green University View Courses