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The Message of Micah – Then and Now

Instructor: Ernst Wendland

**A basic understanding of biblical Hebrew is recommended**

In this course, we will review some of the main poetic, structural, and rhetorical devices of biblical Hebrew poetry with special reference to Micah’s prophetic style and presumed contextual setting. A group reading of the entire book of Hebrew in Hebrew will include a combined exegetical, literary, intertextual, and oratorical analysis along with a comparative review of popular Bible translations, whether in English or other languages. Our mutual aim is to better understand the prophet’s Law-Gospel, God-inspired message in the original language with a view toward effectively communicating its meaning and relevance to a contemporary audience or readership. A workbook with resources has been prepared to help guide our way through the Hebrew text of Micah, and participants will be assigned specific verses to serve as daily discussion leaders. Greater attention will be devoted to passages of special theological importance and/or which have a significant practical application in today’s multifaceted pastoral ministry. A short practical paper arising from your study of Habakkuk will conclude the course.

Area of Study: Old Testament
Tuition: $600
Course Number: OT5153
Course Credits 1.5