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Biblical Aramaic

Instructor: Bill Tackmier

The Aramaic language provides some fascinating windows into the world of the Bible. Some of the most dramatic accounts in the Old Testament are recorded in Aramaic, like the three men in the blazing furnace and Daniel in the lions’ den. Some of the most discussed end times prophecies are found in the Aramaic chapters as well. And even the New Testament has numerous Aramaic words that give interesting glimpses into this other Semitic language which was Jesus’ mother tongue. Aramaic is close enough to Hebrew that it doesn’t require starting from scratch to become familiar with it. Instead of memorizing tables of nouns and verbs, etc., students learn to identify forms and syntax as they meet them in the text. Class discussion will include isagogical and exegetical comments on the Aramaic chapters of Ezra and Daniel.

Area of Study: Old Testament
Tuition: $400
Course Number: OT5000
Course Credits 1.0
Dates Term Location
01/09/2023 to 01/20/2023 Winterim 2023 Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary View Courses